"Molly Jane" Makeup Junkie Bag

"Molly Jane" Makeup Junkie Bag

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The Molly Jane #4 is not only gorgeous…the exterior is a wipeable vinyl. Inside is a sharp black and white stripe that is also wipeable. The mint zipper and tassel really POP!

These make great travel bags, storage of all your makeup at home bags, clutches, diaper bag supplements, graduation gifts, organizational tools….the possibilities are endless!

Hand wash in cold and air dry.

Mini ($32) - 7.5 inches

Small ($36) - 9 inches

Medium ($42) - 12 inches

Large ($48) - 14 inches

Makeup Junkie Bags was founded by a true makeup junkie who was tired of wasting money on cosmetic bags that didn’t deliver. If they were wide enough, they fell over, sending cosmetics tumbling about. If they were deep enough, they became a black hole where you couldn’t find anything you need. If they were pretty, the interior was not water resistant / washable and became dirty very quickly. MJ designed her own pattern for the perfect cosmetic bag that lays flat on a surface, and has an elongated medial zipper that allows the bag to gape open allowing easy access to all materials while eliminating the chances that the bag will fall over sending products everywhere. Each bag is characterized by a signature brightly colored zipper and suede tassel. The patented and trademarked design/logo has achieved mass popularity since its recent launch in September 2016.

Keep scrolling to read the story behind the Molly Jane Bag.

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The story of how the "Molly Jane" Makeup Junkie Bag came to be is really quite amazing.

I came across Makeup Junkie at a Christmas gift market, and I was shopping for a gift for my nieces. Nothing was really jumping out at me which was incredible as there were literally 1000s of gifts. We stopped at a booth that was selling Makeup Junkie Bags, and my daughter in law, Elizabeth, commented that she heard these bags were a really hot item. I picked up a few of them and liked them. They were colorful and functional. Then it hit me. The logo....MJ. Molly Jane. I decided these were the perfect gift right then and bought two.

The next day I had an idea. It was a crazy idea, really. The truth is Molly's picture could be in a dictionary next to the entry "makeup junkie." She loved makeup and took great pride in her knowledge and skill in the application of makeup. I decided I would contact the owner/founder of Makeup Junkie, Meredith Jurica, and ask her if she might consider creating a Molly Jane design. I thought it was a perfect fit for a Molly inspired way to raise money for Project Beloved. Mind you...at the time Project Beloved was not even an actual non-profit.

I sent Meredith an email and waited for a response. I had no idea what to expect and fully expected she might not even answer me. Thankfully, my expectation was completely wrong. Meredith not only responded, she blew me away with her response. Her email read:

First, I have to take a few deep breaths because I could not make it through your email without crying. I had not heard this story even though it is recent. What a beautiful girl! With all of the email requests we get about charity and sponsor work, this is the first time I have ever known instantly...INSTANTLY... that I would be a part of this request. We would be proud to be by your side when your organization launches and design bags for Molly with you that can always be available on your site and ours and educate the community on her story and what the Molly Jane bag means. What a life changing email. We can schedule a phone call for this week to discuss if you'd like? God Bless you and your family. 

And that is how the "Molly Jane" Bag came to exist. Meredith asked me for ideas on fabrics that might be what Molly would choose. She sent me samples, and I selected which ones I liked. Like magic, a photo popped up on my phone, and the first ever "Molly Jane" Bag was reality. Meredith's enthusiastic support of Project Beloved has overwhelmed me.

Please go visit her website, and keep Makeup Junkie in mind when you need a unique gift.