Soft Interview Rooms

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Trauma informed care (TIC) considers and understands the body's biological and neurological response to trauma. Evidence based practices call for a trauma informed approach to reports of rape and sexual assault, and a soft interview room is considered an integral component of TIC. Creating a space that is comfortable rather than stark allows the participant to feel physically and emotionally safe and can have a significant impact on the interview process. Soft interview rooms can also be useful when interviewing those suspected of committing crimes as well. 

Project Beloved will partner with local, and eventually non-local, agencies to install soft interview rooms.

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I remember how scared and lost I felt after I was raped. My interaction with the forensic nurse at the hospital was the only real bright spot in that day. It was absolutely terrible to have to talk about all the details of what happened, but the way she was talking to me helped me really open up and share a lot more detail than I had with the detective. In the end, my case was investigated because of my conversation with my forensic nurse. If I hadn’t spoken to her, I probably wouldn’t have shared as much detail about my rape as I did
— Abby Honold, survivor and activist
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