The Beloved Story


by Molly Jane's Momma

When I found Molly's body, I discovered she had a tattoo. I had no idea she had a tattoo. It read, "Beloved." I contacted a friend of hers to ask about it and to see what she might be able to tell me. She explained it was especially significant to Molly. I asked why and she said, "because Molly knew she was BELOVED in God's eyes."

A few weeks after her death, I received a text from a dear friend who had known Molly since she was very young. She explained that as she sat in church, these words came to her as she thought about Molly. They were: Be Love. Be Loved. Beloved.

My friend had no idea about the tattoo. She went on to share,  "Molly's heart for others was to be love. She yearned to be loved as all humans do. God is touching our grief with these words. We cannot understand this. But we can hold Molly close. Always. Because she is BELOVED."

I had an idea I was going to have to do something following Molly's death. I had to find a way to bring light to the heavy darkness which had covered our world. I had to find a way to make Molly's story matter and bring much needed change. I knew it was going to require raising money, and so I brainstormed ways we might generate funds.

A few days following Molly's death, a friend gave me a bracelet stamped with Molly's name. I considered the possibility of making a similar bracelet and stamping "Beloved" on it. I went to lunch with my friend and shared the Beloved Story with her and planned to ask her thoughts about making a "Beloved" bracelet. She stopped me before I could get to that, and she asked me if I knew what the bracelet was called on her website. I had no idea. She replied, "The Beloved Bangle!"