Hello from Molly Jane's Momma

I thought it might be time for a bit of an update from me, Molly Jane’s Momma. We have survived a really hot and dry Texas summer and school is back in session. Consider this a sort of state of the union of Project Beloved: The Molly Jane Mission.

First, I am overwhelmed…more than overwhelmed…sometimes moved to tears…by the incredible support we are receiving. When I had this idea to start a non-profit I can honestly say I had no clue what I was doing. I simply knew I needed to do it. There is no other way to put it. I HAD to do something. I did not realize I was actually starting a company. To say this has been a learning process is a huge understatement. I have said more than once that my brain may be at maximum capacity...some days it feels like it has exceeded maximum capacity. I am not sure there is an empty nook or cranny that can possibly absorb another new fact, process, term, etc.

If you are reading this, hopefully you are familiar with the term, “Beloved Bundles.” They are Project Beloved’s first initiative aimed at changing the conversation about sexual assault and empowering survivors to find their voices. I hate that they are needed, yet I am grateful Project Beloved has found a small, tangible way to restore dignity to survivors of sexual assault. One day, it is my vision that every time a survivor goes to the hospital for a forensic exam they will receive a Beloved Bundle. No matter where they go. Every hospital. Every survivor. Every time.

Right now that simply is not a realistic possibility. When it is time to donate another batch of Beloved Bundles I get online and search various websites for the individual items and have them delivered. I also visit the local dollar stores for other items. It is very important to me that the items are good quality, uniform and also priced well, as I must be a good steward of the money so many have generously donated. We gather groups to assemble the Beloved Bundles. I fully recognize this is not the most efficient way to do things. For now, it works. It is my hope that we will identify suppliers who will make the items available to us at better than retail pricing. In the meantime, I am exercising my ability to shop smart…one of my better skills!

If I were to share what has been difficult in this journey…besides the obvious one…it would be not being able to plug in all the incredible people who have asked me what they can do to help. I never dreamed that would be the response and also never imagined what it would feel like when I did not have an answer. I believe this is all part of being so new and starting literally from my kitchen counter. I am well aware there is an army of able and willing volunteers and promise I am spinning my wheels as quickly as I can to find a way to put all of them to work. In the meantime, be patient and know your offer to help is noted and matters greatly.

We have exciting things coming. The Beloved Benefit A Celebration with Purpose is being held on October 25 and is shaping up to be a grand party. You can read more about it here. We have a new Molly Jane bag coming from Makeup Junkie, and it is awesome. A new t-shirt design is also in the works as well as other Project Beloved branded items. To this day, one of my highlights is walking through a parking lot and encountering a car with a Project Beloved sticker on display. The word is getting out…and it feels good!

I will close where I started. From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU. Your love, support, encouragement, donations, suggestions, listening, comments, sharing, shopping…ALL OF IT…means the world. I give you my word I begin each and every day looking for ways to change the conversation about sexual assault and to empower survivors to find their voices. I am starting to believe that together we just might!