Beloved Bundles....update

beloved bundle.jpg

It has been just over a month since we delivered 50 Beloved Bundles to The Women's Center of Tarrant County. It was our hope that they would be something the survivors found helpful after enduring a forensic exam. Additionally, our intent was that having everything in one place would make it simpler for the advocates to provide the essentials to the survivors.

I decided I would check to see how the Beloved Bundles were being advocates and survivors.

This is the response from Alisha Byerly, Assistant Director of Crisis Services, The Women's Center:

The Beloved Bundles have been a phenomenal hit—in fact, I had an advocate come in just a bit earlier and it was the first time she had seen them and she was blown away at how crafted and complete each bundle was and she was thrilled to receive one of the notebooks you provided for the advocates.

In all honesty, there is nothing missing or not necessary—in fact, the advocates consider the supplies and their quality as luxury and they’re excited to disburse the items to victims at the hospital. The bundles have been also greatly beneficial for our homeless clients who can use the bag to carry their clothing and products.

We have disbursed about 15 bundles so far and plan to give more in the near future since it is shaping up to be a busy summer. I will continue to update you.

We will continue to move forward and connect other agencies with Beloved Bundles. Clearly, they are needed!